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Silsden West Yorkshire, information about Silsden

Silsden is a town in West Yorkshire, England. It lies on the northern slope of the Aire river valley between Keighley and Skipton. It is about 1.5km from the river. Along the lower edge of the village is the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.

Silsden was mentioned in the Domesday Book being situated on a stream running down to the River Aire.

Generally an agricultural area, industry came with the canal and the Industrial Revolution. The town hosted a number of mills none of which now operate in their original form. There is still industry in the town, some in old mill buildings and some in a new industrial estate between the town and the river. The town retains some manufacturing.

Notable products are Snugpak sleeping bags and plastic mouldings.

One particular engineering firm servicing these industries is Lampkin Engineering. The Lampkin family are well known for their exploits in off road motorcycling, especially trials. Dougie Lampkin is the current world trials champion following in the footsteps of his illustrious father, Martin and uncle Arthur.

Like many villages of this size Silsden has its share of Estate agents, but also boasts butchers and bakers that still seem to thrive. This in spite of the Co-op supermarket that ensured the demise of local grocers. Fortunately the Co-Op is large enough for many locals to use for a main shop and has the advantage of being accessible by the large elderly community of Silsden.

At one time Silsden boasted its own Building Society, but this merged many years ago with another that has since quit the village. This leaves the village with only a branch of the Skipton Building Society and two bank branches. Recently the Ecology Building Society have built and moved into a purpose built office on the industrial estate to the south of the town.

While Silsden has its name attached to a railway station, Steeton and Silsden this is 1.6km from the village. Even so the station is well patronised as serves the cities of Leeds and Bradford. With modern electric trains it is well used by commuters.

Lying between Keighley and Ilkley Silsden is well served by buses to both of these towns. Silsden's public transport benefits from Silsden being part of West Yorkshire rather than North Yorkshire the border of which runs along one end of the village.

Silsden is part of the City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council. Even so, Silsden still has a Town Council with elected councillors and a Mayor.

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